Fundraising Info

This Could Be Your Best Fundraiser Ever!

In these economically challenging times, finding the right fundraiser plays a crucial role in addressing over stressed budgets. The most successful fundraisers offer an effective combination of value, simplicity, broad appeal, and significant profit potential. The good news is that the “E” Book offers them all!

The “E” Book Project (the “E” stands for education) is a proven coupon book fundraiser utilized by hundreds of Front Range schools and youth programs. In fact, since 2000 the “E” Book has raised over 5 million dollars for local education through its 60% fundraising profit and amazing savings on food, services, and entertainment throughout Denver Metro and Northern Front Range communities.

The “E” Book can be sold in a variety of ways including door-to-door and at events such as registration or back-to-school nights.  It can also be sold through supportive local businesses, social media and more, all to boost your funding goal bottom line The “E” Book is not only a smart way to raise money for your cause, but it’s also a valuable economic service to your community. It’s a total win/win!

Here’s How This Fundraiser Can Work For You:

  • Keep $6 for each $10 “E” Book you sell… that’s 60% profit!
  • Books are provided on consignment.
  • There is no return fee for unsold books.
  • Motivate your group with an exciting free prize program.
  • Have access to on-going sales assistance from a caring staff.
  • It’s designed to be easily administered, making your fundraising a little easier.

Who Can Participate:

  • Preschools and Kindergartens
  • Elementary Schools and Middle Schools
  • High School student clubs and activities
  • Parent groups like PTA’s, PTO’s and Booster Clubs
  • Teachers in need of funding classroom projects
  • Church youth groups
  • College student clubs and activities
  • Youth sports programs
  • Organizations dedicated to serving our youth

Do you ask these questions when choosing a fundraiser?

  • How much profit will we earn?
  • Will what we sell provide a real value to our customers?
  • Is what we sell not only fairly priced, but also affordable to the widest possible range of people?
  • Does the product’s value help sell itself?
  • Will we feel good about selling it?

Still Have Questions?

Reserve a time for an “E” Book Project presentation at your next fundraising committee meeting!

It’s the best way to get your questions answered and to share ideas on how to best get started. Everyone in attendance receives a complimentary copy of our most current book.